» Our History

Eurobase was established in 1988, after Robby Hendrickx and William Holden decided to start up an gum base manufacturing company.

William Holden produced gum for his entire working life. The son of the founder and pioneer of the first European gum producer, with factories in London, Paris, Antwerp, Mexico City, Manila and Shanghai. Hendrickx convinced Holden to stop gum production, and to specialise in the manufacturing of gum base.

Hendrickx started as a factory manager for the Clark Chewing Gum C° in Belgium, a Philip Morris Inc. company. After transfer to Philip Morris R&D USA, worked as a technical co-ordinator for all foreign Philip Morris gum making factories and participated in the development of bubble and chewing gum bases.

After leaving Philip Morris, he operated a Manhattan based chocolate factory for several years, but returning back to the gum industry. He became an International Sales Manager for Topps Chewing Gum in New York, the makers of the world leading bubble gum "Bazooka".

After a productive working relationship with this company, he established - together with Mr. Leo Weed (a former Managing Director for Wrigley U.K.- Australia) - LS Industries; a brand new gum base factory in New Jersey. After four successful years, this company was sold to Agrolimen in Spain.

All gum base equipment, formulations and associated ‘know-how’ was transferred to Spain and Robby Hendrickx moved to Barcelona to start the production of gum base (Cafosa Gum was established), as well as to start the production of the first soft bubble gum for General De Confiteria, presently Joyco.

As Vice President of Cafosa Gum and a stay of 9 years, he left the company, leaving behind a well developed, internationally known company.

Eurobase's Expansion

The company approached Ronny Wuyts to handle all the financial activities and with his domestic and international banking experience, lifted the company to another level.
An ultra modern gum base factory was built.

Over the years, the company supplied gum bases to some 50 countries, via a selection of some 150 types of gum base! The company is also selling gum bases to leading gum producing multinationals, with some even having their own gum base making capabilities.

With the ‘in-house’ constructed production systems, one can consider the production facilities as being very advanced and most up to date in the industry. The fully automated filtration and sheeting lines move gum base from the mixers all the way to the boxing, untouched by human hands.