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Quick Reaction Development Lab

The Eurobase laboratory can make most gum bases available on the world market. We have a strong focus on the the development of 'custom-made' gum bases for sugar free, non sticking, oral hygiene and other health care applications.

Our many years of combined technical expertise in the gum & gum base area’s will make Eurobase 'your' ideal partner for your actual and future gum making ventures!

Over the past years we have been involved in some 28 new factory start-ups, offering our technical assistance from A to Z, without leaving anything to the imagination, allowing a 'trouble free'-start up of production and launch of new gum products.

We are operating our 'Quick Reaction Development Laboratory' in such a way that we offer all our customers and future customers immediate solutions to all possible inquiries related to associated gum technologies, also resulting in important savings for you.

Technical Assistance

We are asking our customers to stay closely involved in their technical- and commercial actions and to offer our best possible advice, at all times. Some of the following points are considered by Eurobase as an extension of our normal service:

  • New product feasibility study-and assistance
  • Product developments-and formulations
  • Training of factory staff
  • Joint laboratory-and pilot plant gum making facilities
  • Advise on International Legislative matters
  • Maintaining a close relationship with the technical staff of our customers
  • Recommendations in the direction of all possible gum processing equipment, sharing our operational experiences
  • Seminars conducted in Belgium, with exposure and without any reservations, of all possible gum associated technologies
  • Technical visits by our expert staff to customers’ plant locations, especially during 'start up'


    Besides a well developed "first line" quality control system conducted by Eurobase, the company is working together with SGS. SGS-Agrilab is doing all chemical and microbiological food analysis.

    Eurobase is ISO22000:2005 (Food Safety System Certificate) certified by DNV GL Business Assurance and is registered with the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain).

    All our gum bases are manufacture with food-grade raw materials complying with US FDA regulations (FDA 21 CFR 172.615). Our customers can always contact us to supply gum bases which comply with specific local requirements and legislations.