» The Future of Gum

The acceptability of bubble gum and chewing gum as a way to deliver drugs by the pharmaceutical industry, is relatively recent and by large not very wide spread but growing with enormous proportions.

Besides the 'sugar free' gum applications, good for 50% of all USA gum consumed now, the neutraceutical applications in gum are becoming equally important.

There are many reasons that these opportunities in the gum sector will continue to grow and we believe that the health related 'Oral Care', 'Natural', 'Lower Calorie', 'Bio' and 'Slow Release'-Gums, that are popping up in the market, will have a greater importance in future gum sales.

While bubble and chewing gum products have always been 'Fun & Pleasure'-products, without any need to add any health claims, we think that future gum products will have to be formulated more and more with added value - health claim - materials.

While children have no feeling of guilt when consuming sweets, adults - in contrast - have guilty feelings when eating sugar based products (calories, teeth deterioration, etc.) and the border line between emotional arguments for buying gum and 'good for you' gum will become interwoven and in time also, to the younger gum chewer.

The future seems very clear to us and there will be a polarisation toward 'health' and 'fun & pleasure', also in the gum sector, so world wide gum producers will have to adopt toward this evolution.

Eurobase will welcome any request for technical assistance on this very important future growth market as 'specialty' gum bases can be 'tailor made' for these products of the future!